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Answers to frequently asked questions

Being basically an infrastructure company, we are developing our technologies for service providers.

We set the limit for 1 transaction 0 DRC.

You can buy tokens using BTC, Perfectmoney, Advcash, Litecoin, Payeer, OKpay, Exmo, e-coin.

They are used for token-transactions in the DRC ecosystem. Such use can be a Smart Asset marker, product development, creation of new asset classes, trading and many other DRC services.

DEERCOIN is an innovative decentralized crypto currency, which includes the best advanced technologies and the most appropriate to the needs of all market participants - users, investors and business owners. This universal payment tool is significantly different from other crypto-conversions due to a number of innovations, but at the same time has such important qualities as decentralization and anonymity.

No one owns the DEERCOIN network, since no one can own a block network or Internet technology. DEERCOIN is controlled by all users involved in financial transactions using crypto-currency. Developers of DRC coins can only improve the software of crypto currency.

DRC coins are created through a competitive and decentralized production process. Complexity of extraction, limited resource, materiality - these properties, as well as the use of cryptography for security, allow using crypto currency as money. This is not just an agreement. All these properties are already described in the system in the protocol blockchain, or, in other words, in the "chain of blocks". To speed up the transaction process and increase the capacity of the units, DEERCOIN originally included Segregated Witness technology and the Lightning Network protocol.

The main advantages of DEERCOIN are as follows: Multilevel security system, A high degree of account security, Full transparency, Open block diagram, Network of lightning, Virtually zero commissions thanks to the Segregated Witness, Instantaneous speed of operations, Easy registration, Online user support.

A balanced marketing plan allows each user and investor to maximize their capital by effectively using their business skills.

As in any other financial and economic system, the first users of DEERCOIN crypto-currencies can be compared with investors at launch, which can subsequently acquire value because of its usefulness and popularity. Thus, the acquisition of the first DRC coin becomes a kind of investment with a long-term perspective.

If you have any questions, you can contact our online service.