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Today we open VISA card order.
Now each participant can order a VISA card.
On average, the cards will arrive from 14 to 28 days.
We also added new plan to the marketing system for $15.

In honor of these events, we launch a bonus when buying tokens at + 100%.
That is, if you buy 1000 tokens, you will receive a bonus of +1000 tokens.
The bonus will be available within 48 hours, will be completed on 01/05/2018 at 12:00.


Results of the work.

The month of the company"s work is coming to an end, for this incomplete month we have collected more than 600,000 USD Sold more than 40,000,000 tokens.
In honor of this event, From 17.03.2018 to 26.03.2018 we continue to split 50 tokens for the registration of the participant on the site. Also enter additional bonus tokens for activation of marketing (for more information on the number of bonus tokens, see the activation page of marketing).
Within 24 hours, additional protection of accounts in the form of pin-codes will be added. We received the first VISA CARD from our bank representative, they gave us at the moment only 20% of the cards. In this regard, we expect the receipt of the remaining 80% of the cards, after which we put them into full operation.



At the moment, VISA is preparing to release more than 10 thousand cards.
As soon as we receive the cards, we will open the possibility of ordering on the site.
The order of VISA cards will be available in 10-20 days, follow the news.



Founders meet with developers and initiate the launch of a decentralized web platform.
The token is tested and ready for release.
The white paper was completed, published and sent out to specific investors ready for marketing.
The site is optimized for user accessibility.